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Live large! Live fat!

A safe space--for chubs, by chubs.

Chubby men for other chubby men
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This is a journal where chub-friendly big men can chat with other big men, in a safe space free from twinks/chasers/fetishers and other lots. The exclusion of thin men isn't meant as a slight. However, there's a group in the chubby community who wish a safe space in which to communicate without the presence of thin/twinkish folks about.

To be admitted, you must be overweight (read: fat, obese, chubby), and must have some sort of proof available.

Conversation can range from the humorous, to the serious, to the sublime. Feel free to chat, post pics, videos, thoughts, or the like. Unfortunately, due to the potential adult nature of the group, all members must be over 18.